Not Just a Stereotype

I am a female. I have a job. I love being outside. I volunteer my time. I am politically active. I don’t care much for technology. I am interested about the world around me.

I am also a millennial.

Woah…wait a second…what?!

I thought to be a millennial you had to be a tech-savvy, entitled, narcissistic kid who has no inkling of the way the “real world” works.

I have become fed up with the labels that have been stuck onto my generation. The stereotypes we are given, while sometimes accurate, are just that, stereotypes. Just because a millennial is a liberal does not mean they are ignorant. Just because a millennial has Facebook doesn’t mean they are attached at the hip to technology. Just because a millennial grew up in a different time doesn’t make them spoiled.

When I look around me I see people in my generation who are passionate, willing to reach out a hand to those in need, and who have minds of their own.

This blog will not only be a tribute to those millennials who are sick of being looked down on, but will also incorporate my random political ramblings and personal experiences, that will eventually prove that not all of us are the same.


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